kcmapHomePorts is a non-profit membership organization helping residents stay in their own home as they grow older. HomePorts has been incorporated by the State of Maryland and began operation in October 2008.

The geographic area covered is the greater Kent County, Maryland area, which includes Chestertown, the Kingstown/Chester Harbor area and all other towns and villages in Kent County.
Remaining in one’s own home while growing old often requires major adjustments and outside assistance, HomePorts, Inc., is in operation to facilitate “aging in place”, promoting safe and healthy aging with peace of mind for members and their families.

Our History

HomePorts is a non-profit organization being developed as a membership cooperative to assist in providing services for mature adults who want to continue to live independently.

HomePorts is modeled after similar organizations operating successfully in other regions of the country.

The need for such an organization is supported by the following facts:

  • 19percent19.3% of Kent County Residents are age 65 or older
  • 55% of households in Kent County include an adult age 55 or older
  • The age group 85 and older is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population
  • AARP55percent has identified Chestertown as one of the five best small towns in America


HomePorts offers:

  • A personal brokerage service to find home and health care providers
  • Trained staff available
  • An initial evaluation of needs and services for each HomePorts member
  • Prescreened service providers with proven reliability and high integrity
  • Advocacy for seniors and special senior needs
  • Access to volunteers who offer local transportation and other needs


In order to evaluate interest in such a program here, a market research study was done by the Washington College Students for Free Enterprise (SIFE) in cooperation with HomePorts. A random sample of 161 local residents over 50 were surveyed by telephone. Seventy percent of respondents were women, and two-thirds were over 65. Results confirmed that there is great interest in the HomePorts concept; many seniors listed home maintenance help as their number one need.

Executive Director: Karen Wright
The HomePorts Board of Directors:
Jim Donaghy, President
Ann Murray, Vice President
Jayne Heckles, Secretary
O. Raymond Long, Jr., Treasurer

Cindy Bach
Wayne Benjamin, MD
Scott Burleson
John Christie
Muriel Cole
Herbert Friedman
Sandra Willett Jackson
John R. Leek
Courtney Sjostrom
Karen Wright, Executive Director
Sally Powell, Volunteer Coordinator

The committee has studied similar organizations and is a member of a national network.