Sheriff Dennis W. Hickman Jr. 

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Sheriff Dennis W. Hickman Jr. was sworn in as the Sheriff of Kent County in December of 2022.  Sheriff Hickman grew up in Kent County and graduated from Kent County High School.  After High School he attended Chesapeake College receiving an associate degree and then went on to Salisbury University.  Sheriff Hickman received a Batchelor’s Degree in Business Management from Salisbury University and after college applied to the Kent County Sheriff’s Office.  

Sheriff Hickman has worked for the Kent County Sheriff’s Office for nearly 23 years.  During his time with the Sheriff’s Office, he has been in patrol, a School Resource Officer, Detective, Police Instructor and Administrator.  He currently lives in Chestertown with his wife of almost 20 years and their four children. 

During his time as a Detective, he handled numerous complaints of identity theft, fraud schemes, and has spoken with numerous local groups about this topic.  Sheriff Hickman hopes everyone learns some new information about the latest scams and shares this information with others.  It just may help a friend or loved one from losing their life savings. 

Scams, Schemes & Frauds Impacting Older Adults and How to Avoid Being a Victim

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Scams, Schemes & Frauds Impacting Older Adults and How to Avoid Being a Victim – Statistics show that an increasing number of people are falling victim to scams. Part of the problem is that scammers are highly adaptable and can mimic legitimate communications from romantic partners, tech support staff, and government employees. One group particularly affected by this issue is the elderly. Those homeowners with healthy financial savings, good credit scores, and a trusting nature often prove to be attractive targets for scammers. Learn about the latest scams that have impacted persons in your community.