HomePorts is a not-for-profit §50l(c)(3) corporation, founded by Kent County residents in 2008, to help seniors 55 and older remain in their own homes as they grow older.


  • Began with two years of research on this new community concept called “Villages”. There are now over 150 nation-wide and many more in formation. HomePorts is independent but is a member of the “Village-to-Village Network” that meets annually.
  • 80 member households
  • Designed to complement care by the senior’s health care team


  • An initial evaluation of needs
  • Access to volunteer help (the only non-denominational local senior volunteer program)
  • Referrals to approved vendors
  • Home safety assessment
  • Quarterly education sessions
  • Bi-monthly newsletter

Public funding for social and community services continues to diminish, and we are rapidly growing older. These circumstances convene to increase the importance of HomePorts, an organization that offers practical solutions, fostering links among neighbors, and providing reassurance as health challenges increase and independence may be threatened.



Baby boomers spend on improvements that will allow them to stay in their houses longer