Remaining in one’s own home while growing old often requires major adjustments and outside assistance, HomePorts, Inc., is in operation to facilitate “aging in place”, promoting safe and healthy aging with peace of mind for members and their families.

HomePorts is a “Village”, one of over 100 independent non-profit grassroots organizations in the U.S.  HomePorts serves greater Kent County, Maryland. What is the Village concept?

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HomePorts extensively screens all vendors to ensure honesty, reliability, expertise, fair pricing, and quality of workmanship. Click here to find out more about our services.

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We are always seeking volunteers! Take a few minutes to watch our training video to find out more.
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Along with our Annual Health Fair we offer discussions and events throughout the year.
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“Maintaining an active part of the Kent Co. community is important to most of us.  Homeports gives me a way to participate while I’m able with the assurance that when I’m not,  it will be there to aid me when I prefer to avoid asking others for assistance.  Additionally, if offers education and social opportunities.  A Homeports membership is an insurance policy.”  Ellie Noble, Member
What HomePorts Members Say